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Busy Bees and Birds

Rartet (2 violins, viola and cello)ecorder and String qBlokfløjte og strygekvarte
Year of creation:
2005, rev. 2013
6. min.
Dedicated to/originally written for:
John Turner og Dartington Summer Festival/ Pernille Petersen med støtte fra Statens Kunstfond
About the work:

Busy Bees and Birds er Mogens Christensens 2. blokfløjtekoncert. I lighed med de to andre blokfløjtekoncerter – Fancyer’s Delight med tilnavnet en ornitologisk scherzo og Nordic Summer Scherzo – er scherzo-stemningen også fremherskende her. Sammenlignet med Fancyer’s Delight og flere af Mogens Christensens solostykker for instrumentet spiller fuglene her en mere afdæmpet rolle. Til gengæld synes andre bevingede væsner her og der at have overtaget det musikalske rum, for på trods af Busy Bees and Birds kun har en strygekvartet som medspiller, kan strygernes tremolo, glissader og mærkelige spillemåder meget let lede tanken hen på travle, summende bier.

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Anmeldelse i The Recorder Magazine, Winter 2005:

Christensen has written several other pieces for recorder including the recorder concerto A Bird Fancyer’s Delight. Taking birds as his inspiration once again, this work requires the soloist to perform on sopranino, descant and treble recorders with great technical virtuosity. The string parts were admirably played – a real ‘tour de force’ of many contemporary techniques, requiring an excellent sense of ensemble. The buy and rhythmically difficult opening section was played with flair and character. The second section on treble recorder came as a welcome contrast and John Turner performed this with fluidity, making effective use of the harmonics and the dynamic extremes required within a complex texture. The rhythmic intensity returned towards the end of the piece including a short cadenza for the soloist. This was a very vibrant performance which left us all wanting more! … an important addition to the contemporary recorder repertoire. If you weren’t there – you missed a treat! 


Anmeldelse i The Gramophone, June 2015:

The final piece also gives this disc its title. Petersen joined here by the Messer Quartet in the compact but eventful “concerto” where the sound of bees mutates into that of birds thanks to a little electronic assistance. It ends an absorbing disc that takes the recorder to new limits.