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Youngsters compose

A co-operation project between Rudersdal Music School, the organization New Music in Birkerød, as well as the schools in Rudersdal Kommue. With Music School leaders Martin Sell and Michael Møller together with Mogens Christensen as initiators and project managers.

The aim of this project was to bring school- and music school pupils closer into contact with composition music. Thus, for the ensembles of the music school, new works were commissioned from local composers: Axel Borup-Jørgensen, Niels la Cour,  John Frandsen, and Mogens Christensen. The commissions included for the composers to be present both during rehearsals, and out in the schools, to the effect that all involved were to have a feeling of them as human beings, who, indeed, really meant what they had written….

The works were both performed during school concerts, at a New Music in Birkerød Concert, as well as in the Tivoli Concert Hall on the very annual event of The Music Schools’ Day.

The co-operation between music school, local schools, and local societies further lead to the result that Rudersdal’s Music School received the DAMUSA’s music school local government prize, handed over at the open-air rostrum of “Plænen” in Tivoli, Copenhagen, on the very Music Schools’s day one year later.

The project received support from Statens Kunstfond, the Statens Kunstråd, the Rudersdal Kommune (local government), the Rudersdal Music School, and the society New Music in Birkerød.

See article in the periodical of Folkeskolens Musiklærerforening (The Danish Schools’ Music Teachers’ Union ) Dansk Sang No. 6 2011/2012. Pdf as announcement. Pdf as single consecutive pages