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Syng og lyt (Sing and listen)

The 228 beste songs for Danes who like to sing

Songbook, textbook and 9 CDs for seniors. On the initiative of head of secreatriat in Kulturelt Samråd,  mrs. Bente Schindel, and in co-operation with Mogens Christensen, the publisher Dansk Sang published a special songbook in 2010. The reason was that elderly citizens – and especially those suffering senile dementia and Alzheimer problems – needed a songbook with the songs they most of all like to sing.  To many of them, singing is like a “worm’s hole”, which throws the whole conscience back to the time when they learned to sing songs. Singing has proved soothing and profitable for these persons.

Later, the circle was enlarged to “Danes who like to sing” – since the selection of songs might be enjoyed by many other seniors, who like to sing.

The books are published in large letters, and the songs on the CDs included have been recorded by students at the conservatory in Esbjerg in keys and tempos fit for this age group (and many others).

The book was supported by Undervisningsministeriets tips- og lottomidler and by Statens Kunstråds Musikudvalg.

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