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Dream of the Dryads

Year of creation:
6 min.
Christophe Dejour
Dedicated to/originally written for:
Uropført af Christophe Dejour. Ordered by Foreningen for dansk-norsk samarbejde
About the work:

In Mogens Christensen’s music production there are some mutual traces: Bird works (Nocturnal Birds, Fancyer’s Delight); compositions which lead one’s  thought towards light (Winter Light, Snow Light, Crystal Light), and music inspired by Dream (Dream within Dream, the two violin concertos).

The idea of the “pleaded” dream is also expressed in the Dryadernes drøm (Dream of the Dryads). Like nymphs living in trees (in Greek mythology), the dryads themselves are, in fact dream beings. Dream beings who dream …

It only completes the small series of Christensen-sources of inspiration that the idea for this piece arrived from his reading Anatolij Kim’s Faderskoven (Father-Forest): The East-European/Slavonic legends, as they are expressed by authors like Pavic and Kim.

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… et smukt eksempel på den produktive danskers appetitlige, optimistisk fabulerende lyrik. Klanglig finesse og sanselighed blomstrede frodigt og ubesværet i aftenens instrumentteknisk mest overlegent professionelle stykke.

… trillende-gestisk og også lidt spillemand …
(Dansk Musik Tidsskrift)