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Cancer Eclipticae

Year of creation:
8 min.
Dedicated to/originally written for:
With support from the Statens Kunstfond
About the work:

Cancer eclipticae is the 4th movement in Liber Eclipticae, and finds its inspiration in the zodiac Cancer. The old latin version of crayfish, cancer, may call for other associations, due to crayfish’s tendency to run in any other direction than that of forwards (the Danish word “kræft” is also a corruption of the word cancer, but in an astrological point of view crayfish/cancer is totally harmless).

Seen from the astrological point of view, this zodiac further belongs to the category cardinal (initiative, action, force, focus, and power of penetration), and in the element of water (language of the heart, peace of mind, depth, concern, dream and imagination).

With this combination you will meet a creature with both an extrovert, sharp exterior, and a vulnerable interior. And a hard shell in the middle. Motto: You have to deserve the right to get to know me!