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Bass Clarinet, percussion, violin, double bass (and possibly computer)
Year of creation:
16 min.
Dedicated to/originally written for:
About the work:

Aksara focuses on sound. The name itself refers to a phenomenon wellknown from a number of languages from a.o. the far East, where a letter, a phoneme, or a written character may be detached from both grammar and meaning, to just live by force of its sound. A number of meditation techniques apply such sounds as a mantra.  

From a musical point of view, playing with language as just sound – without layers of meaning – is interesting, since it is possible to taste the sound of the word, and give it a totally different dimension. And it becomes even more interesting, if this is transferred to music itself: not the tone c, but the sound of the tone c.

In the piece Aksara, Mogens Christensen has let himself inspire by these meta-layers, but, no doubt, the piece may be listened to on sheer musical terms.