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Aries Eclipticae

Year of creation:
6 min.
Kristine Thorup
Dedicated to/originally written for:
Kristine Thorup
About the work:

Aries Eclipticae is the firsts movement in an approx. 100 minutes long piano cycle with all the zodiacs: Liber Eclipticae, finding its inspiration in the zodiac of Aries.

Seen from an astrologic point-of-view, this zodiac belongs to the category cardinal (initiative, action, strength, focus, and power of penetration), and in the element of fire (enery, enthusiasm, independency, strength of will, longing for using its wings, as well as impulsive, and in search for excitement, perhaps on the verge of recklessness)

This nearly extremely violent combintion results in a character where something happens all the time – with an explosive drive forwards, and an inextinguishable enthusiasm. No quietness, no patience. The motto is: Forwards!

The work is recorded on three CD’s: Vocal and Chamber Music. Vol. 5, Kristine Thorup and  The Carl Nielsen Academy

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