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Work for and against with Mogens Christensen

New Music for and against Athelas Ensemble

WORK FOR AND AGAINST WITH MOGENS CHRISTENSEN (2015) was a cooperation project between the Athelas Ensembble, a number of schools and music schools in the Danish metropolitan area, and Mogens Christensen. In total more than 200 children participated in the project, which ran over 17 spring weeks, with a visit by Mogens Christensen (partly together with a musician from the ensemble), and ended with a number of very interactive school concerts.

The basic idea was that of  two parallel creation processes; Mogens Christensen’s commission for a new piece for the ensemble, and the totally parallel task of getting the children to work in a creative way with some of the same musical elements. The aim was to open up the young persons’ ears to the values of modern composition music. And apart from the childrens’ creative efforts with the work, focus was laid on alternative listener accesses – including a. o. that of sitting among the musicians.

The project received support from the Kunstfonden (Legatudvalget and the Artist-in-Residence project.

Photo: Athelas Ensemble.