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How to watch art with your ears and your body - a cooperation with Arts Museums

An experience may be expressed in many ways – and unfortunately often, with a following fast judgement. On a scale from 1-10 …

Mostly, these judgements will tell more about the person giving them, than about what was experienced. Words are grateful, – especially when one does not have to give any reason for one’s judegment. Well chosen words, however, may supply insight and create wonder. And, like with arts in general, – pose good questions which may bring people further on.

As far as painting is concerned, and especially in modern painting, – it makes good meaning to stove away the words till later. With severall projects on the Danish State Museum for Arts, a week’s work at the Skive Museum of Arts (Jutland), a week’s work at the Vendsyssel Arts Museum in Hjørring, as well as a number of smaller projects at a.o. Esbjerg Museum of Arts, and the Museum for Religious Art in Lemvig, it turns out, that the abstract approaches, such as sound, music, movement,and dance are very useful factors to help let the viewer express the unexplainable in a work of art through a medium, which creates equality between those with a knowledge, and those without. 

Transart – converting the experience from one genre of arts to another one – creates very good contact with the material from which arts is done.

Over many years, Mogens Christensen has had a close cooperation with Fredrik Søegaard, who, with his basis in the Brandts Klædefabrik in Odense and the Esbjerg Museum of Arts, has developed a number of transart principles and practices.