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The Sugar Beet

Sukkerroen – (The Sugar Beet)
THE SUGAR BEET was a cooperation project between the Museum Falsters Minder (Memories of Falster), the Drop-in centre Viften designed for persons with mental handicaps, The Culture Supply, the Lindeskov School, and the Esbjerg Conservatory.

For people who live in Lolland-Falster (two islands south of Zealand with a large sugar beet-production), the smell of sugar beet boiling during the season is part of everyday life. To others it is … A city identity having to do with one’s smelling sense. However, the Sugar Beet and the city of Nykøbing Falster may possess also an auditive identity. The School and the people in the drop-in centres gav a number of suggestions for sound examples: The harvest, the transport, the belabouring, memories of childhood …

All this material was gathered for a public concert to take place in the city’s “big living room”, called the “Kulturforsyningen” (“Culture Supply”)