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The blue Marble

- a transart project, where one art form is expressed in the language of another art form

The Blue Marble was a cooperation between Varde Music School, the Esbjerg Ensemble, the Music Conservatory in Esbjerg, as well as Varde Municipality, and pianist Jakob Nielsen, the multiple artist Emmerik Warburg, and Mogens Christensen.

The project had its point of departure in one of Varde City’s most well-known painters, Otto Frello, whose at one and same time photographic technique and figurative contents fascinated the participating children from the Folkeskole, the music school and the club for children with a handicap.

The performance – exactly matching with Frello’s spirit – took place in a dirty and left behind sports hall, which, on the day after the event, was to be torn down. Here long aisles had been built up by the local trade society’s pavilion tents, decorated with items from the local theatre society’s wings stock.

See review, music examples, video a.s.o. from the project here.