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Gate to the Future

Gate to the Future was a cooperation project between the Copenhagen Phil, the Danish State Museum of Arts, and the author Hanne Marie Svendsen.

Throughout the autumn of 1999 focus was laid on 70 Copenhagen children’s expectations to the new coming millennium, and in May 2000 their expectations – expressed in poems/text,  picture art and music – were performed at a large-scale concert in the Amager Bio, (Copenhagen),  and later in the Tivoli Concert Hall.

An example of the pupils’ music:

Two girls from the 8th class/form at a piano. None of them can play. Their poems and paintings were about love and hatred. Now they were to make a sound on the piano, which they would relate to hatred (it materialized as a half tone interval, hit simultaneously and hard). In a development phase, they mirror/copy this interval up and down the piano.

Then they were to create a sound, which they would relate to love. This sound was to have its substance in common with the hatred-sound: two half tone intervals, but now hit softly and after each other. Then, the piece was to be put together . The result was: two times presentation, a little insecurity in the middle, and a short recapitulation.

You may listen to it here, played by themselves.