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Skriv sange … komponér klange 3 (Write songs… compose chords 3)

Simple harmonies and arrangement

These small books are for everyone who wants to write a song and put somehing around it in the form of chords and arrangement. Every book has a limited subject – starting in the first book with extremely simple tools to write a song. The following volumes, in various ways, attack subjects like harmony and arrangement. The stylistic basis is rather broad, ranging from folk songs to compositions by John Høybye. The same goes for harmony and arrangement: from the first tries with multi-part with simple harmony, to arrangements for choir and instruments with advanced harmony..
The books are progressively built up. The opening level is based on the assumption that the reader reads music and is able to play a little, but does not necessarily master music theory. The access is both inviting and made in a firm structure, the aim of which is to build a bridge between the reader’s own creativity, and the theoretical tools available. Each book concludes with a summing-up of the music-theoretical survey of the subjects/methods applied.
Volume 3: Melody in harmonic surroundings. The book primarily looks at the harmony related to tonal cadence, and its extensions. The aim is to make accompaniment to the melody.

(99 pages)

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Dansk Sang