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Musikeksperimentariet (Music Experimentarium – Pamphlet for Pupils

This pamphlet builds on DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation)’s (at that time rather advanced) homepage  MusX (2003), where pupils might partly botanize into the classical music channel P2’s central repertoire (classical music, jazz, and new composition music)partly  just pick up sounds and music pieces in order to make their own c omposition, which could be saved, so that they could leave and come back to work on it. See mentioning of the project: projektet.

Upon wish from Dansk Sang this small pamphlet was written, including both mentioning of the music of the site, and the composers who had written it, and partly ideas and good advice as to how to use the composition parts.

The pamphlet was meant for the planned music teaching, and encouraged to the possibility of working cross-subject-wise with the subjects music, Danish language and visual art.

(56 pages + CD with 14 tracks, and duration 58:02)

Released on/by:
Dansk Sang

Pædagogisk gennemtænkt, alsidig og anderledes. Dansk Musiktidsskrift